WILD VOICES: Messages from the Soul of Africa is a book and card set which leads us as pilgrims into our own ‘African landscape’.

 Here the Animals’ guidance helps us to uncover that which is beautiful in us all, our authentic Wild Nature.


WILD VOICES: Messages from the Soul of Africa was conceived and written by Anne Keating.
The focus of the book and card set is on the Animals of Africa and their messages for us. The book contains the Animal messages and explains how to use the cards. We are also introduced to the symbolic use of the four elements, archetypes, dreams, power or totem Animals, and how to use the cards for healing.

There are 27 cards in the set plus a blank card, all beautifully executed by Mama ka Grace (Diane Holmes).
These cards invite the Animals of Africa in as our guides. We work with their raw, vigorous energy, exemplified by Lion, Hyena, Rhinoceros, Honey Badger, Leopard, Hippopotamus and Elephant – all African, potent and dangerous. We also work with the courage of Snake, the enthusiasm of Meerkat, the dignity of Giraffe and the innocence of Bush Baby.

“Wild Voices was born out of my dream to live in a world where Animals are respected; where Animals are seen by humans to have inherent worth and where their value is not judged by human greed.
In this world we also acknowledge that we are a part of a living planet which has a self-organising biosphere, or ‘web of life’, of which we are not the hub.
It is my wish that when you listen to the wild voices of the Animals of Africa, you are given moments of awareness and insight that empower you to become the truly magnificent Animal you really are!”

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