The Wild Voices book and card set has a lot to do with connecting to nature.

I love the part in our workshops where people are given a space to describe a powerful and life-changing moment they have experienced in nature. Often it is the quiet and simple moments that prove to be the most profound ... connecting with a bird on the window-sill, bathing alone in a river, watching the sun rise over the sea. Sometimes we hear about elephant or rhino charges or climbing steep, slippery slopes over a crashing ocean! Big or small moments that seem to take us to another level, a shift of some sort, a sudden new place of understanding, of acceptance, of being part of something bigger than ourselves, could this be love? ... and we never see the world in the same way again.

My own experiences in nature, right from and probably especially when I was a child, have been accompanied by feelings of excitement, curiosity and awe, often fear, but always a deep sense of ALIVENESS. As a small child it seemed to me perfectly natural that Animals and trees could talk. As an older teenager I put this crazy idea of communicating with the natural world out of my mind until in my early thirties, when a new world was opening up to me, a traditional healer taught me that yes, we can connect with the natural world. My first reaction was “I knew it!”  I remembered how I used to talk to trees and Animals. I was being ‘given permission’ to do it again; what a relief! I immediately allowed myself to connect with a gnarled yellowwood in the Tsitsikamma forest near to my home. And so began my humbling and astonishing adventure of once again communicating with the natural world.

This book and card set, which we called Wild Voice; Messages from the Soul of Africa, is an outcome of this lovely, lively and wildly interesting conversation. 


                                                                                   with warm wishes from Africa