into Africa, the primordial, untamed continent where Africa is symbolic of your inner self, parts of which are still unexplored. So, push your hat down, tie your sandals and take up your staff to make those first steps into your heartland. Every time you work with these African Animal cards you are walking deeper into this intriguing landscape, where, with the cards as your map, you will learn to avoid those crags and ravines, but you will also learn that the spreading Forest Fever tree gives deep shade, and the rock pools of the Zambezi offer a cool dip.

Initially the path looks well trodden, and it is, but soon you realise you are moving deeper into Africa and on a less worn path. Sounds off trail intimidate you, the clouds build up, but you will push on Pilgrim not because you are unafraid, but because the quest for self-knowledge has a strong pull.

As a pilgrim you travel lightly, merely a staff and a small rucksack of essentials. The Animals you meet will be your guides, the ones who point the way to a fresh watering hole or a cave to shelter in.

Any expedition into the unknown is rightly taken with trepidation – a pilgrimage into Africa even more so! It is not for the faint-hearted, but you have inner resources to rely on; they may be unknown to you, but only because they have never been tested.

The guidance you receive from our African Animals will fire up these dormant but rich reserves so that as you tread further along the path you become ever more confident and self-empowered. The Animals will guide you to places you may ordinarily never dare to venture, but once there you will start to feel fully alive, and grateful to yourself for embarking on this exploration. You will come to know you are wiser, more creative, resilient and self-reliant than you ever imagined yourself to be.


Africa sharpens us, gives us an edge but, because she is expansive and free, she opens our hearts to uncover that which is beautiful and boundless in us all - our authentic wild nature.