SYNCHRONICITY: Meaningful coincidences in time and space . . . patterns of connection and chains of events that bear no causal connection. Random events that fall into place so as to reveal a message.


When someone draws a card or a group of cards from out of a deck like Wild Voices, they are usually astounded by the appropriateness of the card or cards they have drawn.

What enigmatic force draws us to the “right” card?

 I received the following story last week which perfectly illustrates the concept of synchronicity in relation to drawing cards. This took place in Cape Town.

“I want to share with you how strong & magical the Wild Voices cards are. Yesterday a friend came around and by chance sees the Wild Voices book on a shelf. She picks it up and casually opens it to take a look. She opens on TORTOISE. She was surprised because she really loves tortoises. In fact her business is called Tortoise & Hare... Reading some of the message she says to me: “Hey, this is exactly where I’m at now!” She then wants to draw a card and randomly pulls one out. Yes, it was the tortoise card! And as all this is happening from out the bushes in my garden a real live Tortoise walks towards where we are sitting! He actually seemed quite taken by the card. Absolutely awesome!!”


Tortoise spontaneously appearing when the card bearing his name was drawn out of the Wild Voices pack.


Yes, it does seem “magical” and “awesome”.

Let’s relook at the chain of events: The visitor idly picks up a book; she opens on the tortoise page; she says she loves tortoises; her business is called Tortoise and Hare; she reads the message and feels it is very appropriate for her right now; she draws a card at random from the pack – it is the tortoise card; a tortoise comes into the garden.

It is an improbable chain of events. There comes a point in situations like this when things move beyond mere coincidence into the realms of high improbability. When the events seem to have meaning for us then we feel sure that we are touching in on something rather extraordinary, something bigger than ourselves. We feel affirmed and supported. Many people say they feel as if the synchronistic event transformed them; as if some internal shift had taken place.

Why do we feel this?

When random events play out which are related although we cannot explain just how but we know they are extraordinary, we feel that we’re connecting in with a deeper reality, something pure and undefiled by human logic. We are lifted up out of conventional time and space, out of the limitations of ordinary consciousness into a realm unhindered by these constraints. In this place which is not bound by “the power of causality” as C G Jung says, anything can happen. Whoa! For some people it’s “let’s just leave all this alone and get our feet back on the ground”, however we lose much when we close this door.

Psychiatrist Dr Carl G Jung developed the word synchronicity after hearing examples of synchronistic events and dreams told to him by his clients; he himself become caught up in a synchronistic event with a client which helped develop his thinking with regard to these concepts (see Jung and the scarab beetle for an example which set into motion a course of healing for his client).  His experiences led him to say that life is not just a series of random events, but that meaningful connections abound and they are often related to our inner growth or spiritual life.

Jung said: “Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer. Synchronicity is no more baffling or mysterious than the discontinuities of physics. It is only the ingrained belief in the sovereign power of causality that creates intellectual difficulties and makes it appear unthinkable that causeless events exist or could ever exist.”

As a ‘reader of the cards’ I agree with Jung; those of us who are driven to explore our inner selves find is easy to move beyond the world of black and white, we are drawn to the numinous. We accept the random but meaningful events that play out for us as a significant gift, a blessing that renews our enthusiasm and faith in the rightness of our life path.

As it is, science today is actually leading us in this very direction ... quantum physics is revolutionising the way we think about how our world works.


A further synchronicity in all this is that the Tortoise card (if you own a Wild Voices set you might want to look up Tortoise now) strongly reminds us to practice “going in deep” to find our unique wisdom, that knowingness which is inimitably our own. I see it as a synchronicity because finding the gem in any synchronistic event requires us to do just that – the inner work.

As Tortoise himself said: “My ear is close to the ground allowing me to understand Gaia’s purpose; I hear her whispers, secrets and singing, and under my shell I carry her wisdom.”