Hello and welcome to our WILD VOICES blog on our new website.

My name is Anne Keating and I’m the author of the WILD VOICES BOOK AND CARD SET.

My partner who did the stunning artwork on the cards, is Mama ka Grace aka Diane Holmes. We are both South Africans; born and bred on African soil with the pulse of Africa beating in our hearts.

I am SO excited to be launching our WILD VOICES book and card set through this website. We’ve been working on this project for many years and to at last be liberating these wild African voices from the captivity of the computer into tangible book and card form is a powerful release. They are now available to you wherever you may live in the world.

Please know that these wild voices do not speak to Africans alone; they speak to us in whatever part of this beautiful planet we might inhabit! Remember, Africa is the birthplace of humankind; wherever we may live now and whatever the colour of our skin we ALL have our roots in this continent.


I have been working with tarot cards for the last twenty plus years, and although Wild Voices is not a tarot set in the traditional form, it is still a set of cards with messages. I had used many different sets of cards over the years when eventually I felt it was time that a set of cards with messages from our African Animals be made available. There is just something about Africa’s Animals that is intriguing. They are large and powerful and mainly dangerous and cannot be seen in the wild except on the continent of Africa. Although sadly that is becoming a rarity here too – many of these traditionally free wild Animals can now only be found in game parks here. The call for more and more agricultural land is eating into their natural habitats, to say nothing of massive deforestation and multinational companies fighting for mining rights that devour our wild places... but this dwindling of habitat is a global problem today. It was this that prompted me to get out there into the wilds of Africa to catch what these Animals were “saying” before it was too late. Like so many of you I sensed the urgency we all feel at this loss – how long before there are no pristine wild places left on Earth? We are already losing species today faster than we have ever experienced before – we are in the middle of the sixth great planetary extinction, and humans are responsible for this one.


Working on these cards gave me an unexpected gift. Being out there in wild nature I became deeply aware that I was a part of the natural world. I too was just an Animal; I wasn’t separate from them at all, just different. Over time I developed a strong sense of belonging to the whole of the natural world; this belonging in turn gave me a sense of authority and confidence which I experienced as profoundly healing to some part of my alienated psyche.

It is my wish that, as you work with the Animals and their messages, you too develop a connection with Nature, and that this relationship affirms for you your place on the Earth and that you truly do belong here. I found it an extraordinary moment when I knew at a visceral level that I was part of the web of life, not the centre of the web mind you as we humans tend to think, but just a part of the web, in this thing together with all of the rest of nature and her Animals.

I hope that as you use these cards you too develop this sense of belonging and connection with all Animals and the natural world.      

                                                         With warm wishes from Africa