Distant Card Readings


The first card I pulled was the Honey Badger..... and so apt. I have been playing this role of fierce, gutsy, fire-breathing mama and found the words insightful and supportive - Odette 

Let the Wild Voices speak to you


If you would like to know what African Animal is communicating with you over this time, or what Animal is coming forward as a guide willing to add its wisdom to the challenge you might be facing, please email me.

Give me your name, age, where you live, and say a little bit about your challenge, the obstacle in your path, or the question that has been on your mind for awhile.

I will then present this information to the Animal cards and we’ll see what Animal appears as your guide for this time and what wisdom he or she has to inspire you to move forward in joy and confidence.


For more details with regard to the DISTANT CARD READINGS please contact anne(at)wildvoices(dot)co(dot)za

Or write to Anne at PO Box 1, Haga Haga, 5272, South Africa

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“Am deeply impressed by your book, the content, layout, tone and feel. You have in my opinion made a beautiful book. I think the cards are strong and vivid and contrast well with the thoughtful and insightful text and the delicate feel....”

Diane Graham – eco-artist and shrine keeper – Hogsback, South Africa.  The Eco-shrine, designed and built by Diana Graham nineteen years ago, holds and displays her work outdoors against a natural and dramatic visual backdrop. www.ecoshrine.co.za


“Wow - well done - I can see how much work has gone into the deck and congratulate you!  It must have been an immense task and what a beautiful one... getting to know the energies of these beautiful African animals and reflecting them in your eloquent way. I have wished for cards that express the African nature that I am accustomed to.”

Odette Livni  –  massage therapist, creative crafter – Garden Route, South Africa


“WILD VOICES functions like an African oracle card deck, with stunningly beautiful images of elements and animals and in-depth explorations of each card’s implications, both individually and globally. People will find deep wisdom and inspiring guidance for their lives in these cards and the accompanying text.”  

Molly Young Brown - author of Growing Whole: Self-Realization for the Great Turning  and co-author with Joanna Macy of Coming Back to Life. Molly Young Brown writes, guides, counsels and mentors using psychosynthesis and ecopsychology as the focus of her work. California www.mollyyoungbrown.com


 “WILD VOICES is beautifully‐written, bringing unexpected and thought‐provoking analogies and metaphors to the fore: Africa as symbolic of our internal heartland; the Pilgrim entering the heartland and being sharpened by the landscapes and Animals met there; and the motivation towards survival and a deepening of the sense of who we are. All these elements are presented with reverence and authenticity.

The cards are really beautifully illustrated: the colours are warm and evocative of African landscapes, and the soul or spirit of the animal is present in every card. The connection of the animal spirit to the characteristic or quality Anne is invoking is insightful and very well chosen, whilst the anatomical details are perfectly depicted.”

Lorna Howarth – a contributing editor for RESURGENCE magazine, and manager of The Write Factor. Lorna Howarth gave us invaluable guidance as I started editing and preparing our work for publication. England www.thewritefactor.co.uk