We have 28 cards in our WILD VOICES set.

There are 21 Animal cards, 4 Element cards, a Blank card and a first and a last card. Here are a few extracts from the Animal cards.




With stealth and grace, Leopard pads silently from out

the shadows of ancient legends, into your life today.

What has urged him to reveal his usually secret identity?

How much will he disclose?

Will you have to be content with glimpses, barely perceptible movements in the bush,

a tempting glimmer of a well-camouflaged coat, or will he come forward to meet you?

He is the Silent Hunter, lithe and agile, deft and elegant, exquisitely beautiful.


Key word:  STRATEGY
Expressing the MALE quality of DECISIVENESS

Element: FIRE

LEOPARD leaps from under cover in the FIRE element.


[an excerpt from Leopard’s message in the book Wild Voices: Messages from the Soul of Africa]  


Leopard is a crepuscular hunter, master of the mottled half-light, he alerts you to the shadows. He will guide you in the art of subtle investigation and the use of strategy. Leopard is sensitive; fine-tuned to the moment.
He is a solitary hunter; like Leopard, work alone over this time, keep under cover. On padded feet he moves in swiftly for the kill. Act with speed but make no rash moves that will expose you or your plans too early in the day.
If you are in a position that demands shrewd politics for your survival, or you are fighting a just cause and need to be vigilant and aware of possible opposition, call up Leopard.

This card is also cautioning you to be alert to the signs and omens on your path, you need to concentrate and not have your attention scattered.
Because insight comes in a flash and often disappears just as quickly, being silent and alone will allow what is there in you to emerge, slowly and in its fullness.

Leopard tests our integrity – fail and we received our just deserts. He prompts us to ask ourselves some penetrating questions. How far can I trust myself? Do I have limits? What do I use as justifications when I do overstep the mark? How do I rationalise my actions? To answer these questions honestly is a test of our personal integrity.

Leopard energy is about the opposite fire forces of creation and destruction. It is easier to destroy than it is to create so keep at the fulcrum of these forces; balance here because the innovative forces of creation can so quickly slip into the frenzied ones of destruction.  Some traditions call this balance the ‘Middle Way’.

[Panthera pardus (Leopard) – their range of distribution has decreased radically because of hunting and habitat loss. Leopard is listed as a Near Threatened species on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List.]



  • I allow myself to come to a place of stillness where insight is possible.
  • I keep the fire forces of creation and destruction in an even balance.


Above the evening choir of frogs and crickets, and the rustle of the night breeze in the African bush, a cry splinters the night’s murmurs. It is Bush Baby calling to her clan as they forage and hunt up in their tree-top territory.
The cry is eerily like that of a human baby and it is this that has given this species of small Galago, the name of Bush Baby.


Key word: INNOCENCE 
Expressing the FEMALE quality of THE INITIATE

Element: AIR

Bush Baby, her cry piercing the night AIR element.


[an excerpt from Bush Baby’s message in the book Wild Voices: Messages from the Soul of Africa]                        


Bush Baby, a sprite-like creature with her baby cry and beautiful round eyes, takes us back to a time of innocence. Innocence is that part of us that trusts all will be well, that has a sweet faith.To be fully adult though, we cannot retain the naive innocence that ‘all will be well’; to prepare us for this important psychological change of letting go of naivety, some cultures tell the story of the Innocent One who leaves home to seek his/her fortune. In Western culture it is sometimes called the Hero’s Journey.  The Hero/Heroine leaves home, suffers, but overcomes the adversity, and hence ‘grows up’. The once Innocent, returns now as a Hero (an adult) to his homeland, to become the leader his family/community was hoping for.  Or she manifests her own kingdom (the life we create around ourselves) where she rules/lives well with good judgment and compassion.

You have drawn this card because it names what you might be going through right now. You could be starting out on the path, or you could be stumbling over boulders and wondering whether it is worth it – do not lose hope Pilgrim, it is! Anyone on the path to consciousness is courageous; this card gives credence to your journey, know you are doing the right thing.

When the journey is complete you will know because you will be in touch with your wise innocence. This purity has a deep power.  It is rooted in a steady conviction of an inner sense of rightness about who you are. This sense of essential-self can never be compromised, is always on track, and like the assegai of this Air card, when thrown from the hands of a master, always reaches its target, firm and accurate.


[The African Wildlife Foundation states that in both variety and abundance, the Galago is the most successful primitive primate in Africa. Most South Africans know the Bush Baby by the endearing Afrikaans name of Nagapie, meaning Little Night Monkey]



  • I must navigate my own unique path using my instincts; however there will be times when I use the light from the lamps of those who ventured before me.
  • I am confident enough to try out different ways of doing things; I take that leap!


More ancient than mythology, primordial and silent, Crocodile views her world with green eyes. Disguised as an innocent log, she lies low just below the water, waiting, watching.

On warm sandbanks she basks her bronze reptilian body, motionless ... biding her time.

Throughout her history she has been deified and worshipped, but always feared...


Key word:  SURVIVAL
Expressing the FEMALE quality of FORGIVENESS

Element: WATER

CROCODILE stealthy cutting through WATER element

[an excerpt from Crocodile’s message in the book Wild Voices: Messages from the Soul of Africa]


The Nile Crocodile, primitive, distant and remote has slid into our lives today - the unrivalled survivor. Descendant of another time, Crocodile can teach us how to survive our past. When our history wells up and threatens to overtake our present, we need to stop and take stock.

Our past is not entirely filled with pain. Find a balmy sandbank, stretch out and recall the times you acted with boldness or showed endurance, gave love and compassion and received these in return. If the past is the foundation of who I am today, than these good memories are the sturdy framework of my canoe - firm and resistant to the rapids and waterfalls downstream. If I am to have any influence over my future then I must look to my present. It is only in the here and now that I can exercise my power; only now and only in me.

Crocodile has survived, not because she has adapted, but because she has remained the same. Sometimes we need to take this approach. This card advises us to stick with what works for us, focus on where we are now. How constant can you be in a changing world? It is the time to consolidate. Use the tools that you already have at your disposal and recognise your talents and skills.

Crocodile is often silent, save for the occasional snap of a jaw and the swish of a powerful tail. Tails are behind us; know that you too are supported by a vast store of experience and knowledge amassed from the past, your tale.Think back on the extraordinary things you have already achieved, they give you the positive self-speak and confidence to create a magnificent future.


[The International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List, assesses the Nile crocodile as "Least Concern”.CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) lists the Nile crocodile under Appendix I (threatened with extinction) in most of its range; under Appendix II (not threatened) but trade must be controlled. In the remainder ranching is allowed but an annual quota of skins taken from the wild is set.]



  • I am working through my past to create a joyful future.
  • Now is the time for me to consolidate; build on the solid foundations I have already established.



With a carefree swaying amble, the great Matriarch of Africa comes trundling into your life today. See her exquisite ivory tusks set against the grey of her wrinkled brow. She lifts her trunk to you in salutation; hear her full-bodied call.


Expressing the FEMALE quality of NURTURE

Element: EARTH

Elephant treads firmly on the EARTH element

[an excerpt from Elephant’s message in the book Wild Voices: Messages from the Soul of Africa]    


Our African Elephant is the grandmother with the ample bosom who embraces her family in arms held wide and open. She enfolds, she holds. She wraps her trunk around a youngster and all is well again. She plants her wide feet on her domain and is mistress, matriarch and madam.  She scratches her back on a tree, wallows in the watering hole and trumpets at the sunset in fearless harmony with her world.

Our western culture with the nuclear family has mostly lost the deeper meaning of family. Elephant invites you to connect with your family at a deeper level than you normally would: listen to your grandmother as she spins the tales of your ancestors and draw lonely family members and step-parents into your immediate family circle. Significant bonds can be made at this time, which are the life-blood of rich familial relationships. Allow the children to gather around the evening fire; it is here that they can share the sense of tribe and learn the wisdom of their clan.

Elephants show an interest in death and mourn their dead; in such a complex society the death of one relative has an impact on the structure of the whole herd.

A herd coming upon a kindred’s skeleton will silently examine it, especially the skull. They nudge the bones with gentle trunks in almost a caressing of the Being who was once there. They seem to cipher some invisible message, some secret code. Are they tuning in to a communication deeper than any we might imagine?  Are they reading here the story of their greater tribe; an inscribed genealogy? 

What we do know is that they have an instinctive intelligence that leaves us in their awe.     


[Elephantidae Loxodonta Africana is recorded on the IUNC Red List as Vulnerable.One of the biggest threats to Elephant populations is the ivory trade. Other threats to wild elephants include habitat destruction and conflicts with local people. Elephants are used as working Animals in both Asia and Africa. They have also been used as instruments of war, and are put on display in zoos and circuses. The Wild Voices team does not support these kinds of institutions.]



  • I open myself to receive life’s rich bounty knowing that there is room for optimism and good fortune in my life.
  • I honour my ancestors and feel grounded in my history.



Follow that well-worn track through the thorn bush down to the waterhole. Hide just behind the acacia trees and gaze upon a small herd of kudu – an old male and four or five females with butting youngsters. Ah, look just to the left, next to that rock where the bank slopes steeply down to the water, a male in his prime....



Key word: PARADOX
Expressing the MALE quality of NOBILITY

Element: AIR

Buck moves swiftly through the AIR element.

[an excerpt from Buck’s message in the book Wild Voices: Messages from the Soul of Africa]     


Ever alert, always cautious, Buck allows himself a drink; dipping in, his soft nose makes a gentle ripple over the water. He lifts his head to listen again, water drips from the hair on his chin. As he takes his fill he is tuned in to the ever-present threat of the African bush.

He knows he must drink, but it exposes him and makes him vulnerable.

Buck invites us to acknowledge our vulnerability while we drink fully of life. Can you hold this paradox or do you take quick, small sips in safety?
A cloistered life can dry us out, shrivel us up; we harden in the barren landscape we have created for ourselves. Now is the time to come to the waterhole with the herd; soften up and become moist and juicy, interested and interesting.
Buck carries the Air symbol in his horns – like the Assegai they cut through, they penetrate to the heart of the matter. You see the folly in an argument and with Buck’s Air energy you are able to trust your perceptions and insights.
Like Buck you use your horns only for protection: to shield your family, to safeguard a position you have struggled to achieve, to honour your social or professional responsibilities or to uphold your principles.
This is an Air card where its breeze is as gentle as Buck’s gaze. Yet there is potency in gentleness; in your most tender moments you are exhibiting your greatest strength. Tenderness is mutable, it accepts, it moves around and over. It triumphs by yielding.



  • I have resilience and equanimity which allow me to express my vulnerability.
  • I am alert at the water hole.